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Medicinal Care Range

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Medicinal Care Range

Aloe Ferox Gel with Lavender Oil

Medicinal Care Range
ZAR 65.00
Natural pure aloe ferox gel with lavender oil. For burns, sunburns, wound care, bites, blisters, warts and general skin care. Particularly beneficial in the treatment of skin irritations due to overuse of sanitizers. 50g.

Buchu and Aloe Ferox Gel

Medicinal Care Range
ZAR 80.00
Natural pure Aloe Ferox Gel blended with organic Buchu essential oils. Used in the treatment of pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. For muscular injuries, cramping, wound care, sunburn, burns, bites, warts, blisters, removal of splinters and skin conditions with excessive dryness as in cases of eczema. Especially beneficiaries in treatments of skin irritation due to overuse of sanitizers. A 'first-aid kit' in a jar. 50ml.
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